Congratulations! You are booking a Velvet {Boudoir Photography} session. You are in good hands and we’ve compiled lots of information to ensure we create gorgeous images together. Some of the information is very important and will be highlighted as such, but you will also find general guidelines and suggestions that you may follow at your own discretion. So, here we go! {Very Important} A 50% deposit on the package of your choice  is due at the time you book your session. The package you choose may be changed after your session and you will receive 25% off all ala carte items order during your viewing/ordering session. We accept MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover; payable via a digital invoice. Package options are available here. After booking your session, we will have either an in-person or phone consultation to discuss your session and review everything listed below. We want you to feel comfortable and have the opportunity to ask questions, share ideas or even create a storyboard for your session. It’s our chance to get to know each other. {What to Expect} All boudoir sessions are conducted by Lisa Gifford Mueller, in either the boudoir set in our studio, your own home, a friend’s home or in a hotel*.  You will have up to two hours for your session and we will offer suggestions for poses, but if you have something particular in mind let Lisa know. We guide you to achieve the best photographs, but we encourage your input. It’s your session, plain and simple. {What to Wear} It is recommended you bring at least three wardrobe changes including sexy or romantic street clothes {you know, the outfit that makes you feel and look fabulous} and at least two lingerie sets. The more wardrobe choices you bring the better! Don’t forget the high heels, boots, stockings, thigh-highs, his tie, over-sized shirt, or even pajamas. Basically, anything you feel sexy in at home, you will sexy wearing for your session. Be sure to bring any jewelry or accessories that you wish to include in your images. Browse through the different styles/looks to get ideas. Choose styles that are flattering, fit your body well and reveal as little or much as you want. Bra and panties sets are perfect, as well as, camisoles, corsets, garters and stockings, nighties, and body stockings. Lisa is comfortable photographing you at whatever level of modesty you are comfortable with. We’ll be posting some suggested wardrobe choices and you will be able to locate them by direct link here or by selecting {Boudoir Wardrobe} as a topic. {Hair and Make-up} Keep it simple. Wear your hair and make-up as you would if you were going out for a romantic evening. Sexy and alluring. This is not the time to try out a fancy hairstyle or new make-up. You want to look like ‘you’ in the photographs, but sexier. Simple hairstyles that can be changed with a clip or a few bobby pins will work better than a heavily sprayed up-do, unless, of course, that is your style. Emphasis will be placed on your face, especially your eyes, during the session so you will want to wear soft and subtle make-up that won’t obscure the beauty of your eyes. Wear false eyelashes only if you are used to them. We recommend that you bring your make-up with you for touch-ups before and during your session. Bring lip gloss! Please note that we are not skilled at styling hair or applying make-up. We can tell you if it looks good, but won’t be much help with your styling. Professional hair and make-up stylists are available for your session but must be booked in advance at an extra charge. Let us know if you want to add this to your session during our consultation. We have several amazingly talented make-up and hair stylists we recommend to our clients. Any questions can be directed to Lisa at lisa@velvetboudoirphotography.com or 865.406.3870. We look forward to seeing you soon! *Sessions may be photographed in a hotel room if you prefer. You may book the room and pay all associated costs or we will require prepayment for the hotel room. This is a popular option for our {Girls Night In Boudoir Parties}.  

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