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{Bridal Blush}

28 Feb

Want to give your husband-to-be a gift he will cherish forever? Gift him with a leather bound album filled with gorgeous photograph of you! Each package offered includes an album, so you can't go wrong with any choice. Your 20 side album is custom designed by Lisa and will include approximately 30 images. Be sure to include some personal mementos in your session to make it truly special and unique. Here are some album pages from a bridal boudoir session that was done in the client's home and includes sentimental items as well as the family dog. Call to schedule your bridal boudoir session today! Pin It

{Valentine’s Day Special}

7 Jan

{Valentine's Day} Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and now is the time to schedule your boudoir session to ensure delivery of your album and prints by Valentine's Day. But, if you aren't in a particular rush, you have all the time in the world, really, you do. {Good News} Velvet {Boudoir Photography} is a full-time studio offering sexy, intimate photography year-round. We’re not just available at Valentine’s Day or Christmas. We’re here whenever you want to get in touch with your sexier side. Our Valentine’s Day Special runs through the end of February so you still have time to take advantage of the amazing savings offered. Your session can be in our full-service studio or in your home. Wherever you feel most comfortable. Contact me today at 865.406.3870 or to schedule your session. I am here when you are ready to show off your sexier side!

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{12 Ways To Feel Sexy in 2012} From GalTime

2 Jan

Happy New Year from Velvet {Boudoir Photography}! Start 2012 off feeling sexier than ever! This article from GalTime { and @galtime} has great tips and ideas on how to sexify the New Year!

GalTime is filled with articles, videos and information for women of all ages. Check it it!

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